Private Lessons

As a New York State certified music teacher, I am committed to offering the highest level of musical education to my students.  I specialize in teaching double bass, electric bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and ukulele.  My aim is to help students of all ages in achieving their musical goals, whether learning to play for the first time, performing in music ensembles, preparing NYSSMA auditions, or simply playing for personal enjoyment.

Double Bass

The double bass is the largest member of the stringed instrument family.  It has a wonderfully rich, smooth, low tone which is very pleasing to the ear.   I have been playing and teaching double bass (aka. string bass, upright bass, bass violin) for over 25 years in a wide range of musical settings.  Whether you’re new to the bass, or have years of experience, I have the expertise to help you take your playing to the next level.  Lessons will include scales and exercises, orchestral repertoire, and etudes and solos, all customized for each student to rapidly develop mastery on the instrument.

Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is an extremely versatile instrument used in almost all styles of modern music.  While the bass guitar is tuned the same way as the upright bass, the approach to playing is actually quite different.  Whether your goal is to play in a rock band, jazz ensemble, or reggae band, I can teach you the fundamentals of this classic instrument.  Many of my bass guitar students also play the double bass, and sometimes split their lesson time between instruments.

Acoustic Guitar

The guitar is a universally beloved instrument with a relatively gentle learning curve.  New players can advance quite quickly and begin to make music within just a few lessons with me.  Private guitar lessons focus on foundational music concepts such as reading music and tab, strumming in rhythm, and playing familiar melodies and songs.  I recommend starting children on guitar when they are in second or third grade.  Since many school districts do not offer instrumental music until third or fourth grade, learning guitar can be a great introduction to playing a musical instrument.  Many of the skills learned in guitar lessons can be easily adapted to other orchestral instruments such as violin, viola, cello, and bass.


The ukulele is a great starter instrument for kids as early as kindergarten.  The small size of the instrument and the gentle nylon strings are perfect for little hands and fingers.  Private ukulele lessons focus on foundational music concepts such as reading music and tab, strumming in rhythm, and playing familiar melodies and songs.  Many young uke students eventually switch to guitar, a more challenging instrument to play, when they are a bit older.  Parents are free to sit in my comfortable studio while their child takes their lesson, or may instead use the time to run an errand in downtown Nyack.

Private Lesson Rates

30 minute lesson: $40
(Save $10 with a 4 lesson bundle for $150)

60 minute lesson: $60
(Save $20 with a 4 lesson bundle for $220)

Please Note:

Students learn best when they take lessons in my well-equipped studio.  In-home lessons may be arranged by special request, but are subject to a one hour minimum and $20 surcharge to offset my travel time and expenses.

Kindly provide 24 hours notice if it is necessary to reschedule or cancel a lesson. Late cancellations and “no shows” will be assessed a $20 missed appointment fee.